Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter and Sydney's Baptism

Connor was so excited to dye Easter eggs this year, he actually started asking weeks before so when it was finally time he was thrilled!

The kid's loot from the Easter bunny!

Sydney's first Barbi.

I took the kids to see the Easter bunny at the mall and they did pretty well, sorry I didn't upload that picture, but at church Easter morning there was an Easter bunny as well.

There was also an Easter egg hunt, Connor had a blast! He also enjoyed the candy in the eggs, which is surprising because Connor doesn't have much of a sweet tooth. He probably had more sugar that day than the past year combined!

It was also a special day because Sydney was baptized. She did amazing with the minister and we even got a good family picture!

Our family with Sydney's godparents: Auntie Shannon and Uncle Jason.

Silly picture of Auntie Shannon, Uncle Jason, and the kids!

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