Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter and Sydney's Baptism

Connor was so excited to dye Easter eggs this year, he actually started asking weeks before so when it was finally time he was thrilled!

The kid's loot from the Easter bunny!

Sydney's first Barbi.

I took the kids to see the Easter bunny at the mall and they did pretty well, sorry I didn't upload that picture, but at church Easter morning there was an Easter bunny as well.

There was also an Easter egg hunt, Connor had a blast! He also enjoyed the candy in the eggs, which is surprising because Connor doesn't have much of a sweet tooth. He probably had more sugar that day than the past year combined!

It was also a special day because Sydney was baptized. She did amazing with the minister and we even got a good family picture!

Our family with Sydney's godparents: Auntie Shannon and Uncle Jason.

Silly picture of Auntie Shannon, Uncle Jason, and the kids!

Smiles from Sydney

Sydney loves playing in her diapers!

This picture doesn't do this justice but I tried to capture the hilarious face she makes. Greg always says her future husband will be so lucky because she makes some great faces! She will love hearing that when she is older! :)

Greg was so excited when this happened because she hasn't done this often, so I had to get a picture of it!

At 10 months we thought she would be walking anyday and here she is holding onto daddy's fingers.

She loves the dishwasher.

Connor has a nerf dart gun and Sydney loves to chew on them, sorry the picture had to be in the bathroom, but we think its funny what kids put in their mouth.

Hanging out under the end table reading or eating books with Connor peaking in for the picture!

Sydney's first bike ride, she didn't like the bumps too much so we'll have to try that again.

I think we have a girly girl on our hands because she already is playing dress up and she loves her shoes. She brings her shoes to you to put on! I love the idea that I have shopping partner!

She loves the boys and Cam is being such a good boy!

Our sweet and happy girl!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our Budding Athlete

Auntie Shannon and Uncle Jason bought Connor ice skates for Christmas and we all took him to an outdoor rink to learn to skate. He was very excited to get out there!

Greg and Jason started by holding him up which he did well with.

Using a chair worked even better. He used the chair for balance and he also had a ton being pushed in the chair, quite the ride!

Connor had a great time and I know we will be taking him skating again very soon. It was a little chilly but was able to get a great family picture.

Daddy with his kiddos!

We signed Connor up for soccer and he is having a great time. It is a team of 3 and 4 year olds and they play indoors. They practice for 30 minutes and then scrimmage for 30 minutes, quite fun to watch.

Here he is before his first game!

The team getting pointers from the coach.

Quite the concentration.

The best part about watching Connor play is every time he scores he yells GOAL like he has been scoring for years, cracks us up every time! Since he is enjoying it so much we signed him up again, maybe next time we'll try t-ball!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Connor's 3rd Birthday Party - Angry Birds

Here is Connor's cake, we were quite proud of ourselves!

All ready for his party!

The kids made bird feeders!

We played pin the feather on the bird!

And finally Greg made the kids catapults and they knocked over cups with marshmellows, by far the hit of the party!

Sydney enjoyed the marshmellows too!

Connor about to blow out his candles!

Connor with his favorite present, his angry bird game!

A pretty good family picture and an even better party!

Trip to California - January 2012

We went to California in January to celebrate Larry and Connor's birthday. Our first stop had to be the beach, since Connor loves it so much and Sydney has never been.

Connor fed the birds.

Sydney did not enjoy the water as much as Connor does but she liked the sand so we played there while Connor enjoyed the water.

He enjoyed it quite a bit, he was wet from head to toe, but he didn't seem to mind that it was January in the Pacific Ocean!

Grandpa made Connor a pirate cake for his birthday, I think he likes it!

We also took Sydney to Disneyland for her first time and she had a great time. We got her Minnie ears with her name on them and here we all are on the Dumbo ride. This was the ride I remember as a child, Connor's first ride, and Sydney's first ride at Disneyland!

Sydney hanging out in Toon Town, we have a similar picture of Connor playing with the same hose.

Connor and daddy riding a roller coaster (Connor's first one), they are in the last seat having a great time!

Mommy and Sydney in line at A Small World.

Connor and daddy watching the parade.

Connor and Grandpa.